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Great service at a fair price

My PC Therapist aims to treat clients with the ultimate in fairness. I may not be the cheapest service provider in the area but I will make sure that you get what you pay for - guaranteed! I seek long-term relationships and my success depends upon your complete satisfaction.

Training & Development

All training and development work is priced at $75 per hour. If that seems high, consider that I charge only for "productive" time spent on your project. I don't use a clock! If, at the end of two hours, I feel that there was only an hour of "productive" time spent, then you are charged for one hour - not two. That's fairness.

Fixed pricing

Repairs, upgrades, networking, etc. are done on a fixed-price basis. That means you'll know what it will cost in advance. And, if I fail to accomplish a repair to your satisfaction, you pay nothing! That's fairness.

House call

House calls are subject to an additional $25 charge - not so bad when one considers that the plumber gets $79 plus his minimum 1/2-hour rate. And I charge only once when multiple visits are related to a single repair. So, if I pick up your PC for repair and return it the following day, the charge is $25. That's fairness.