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Complete web site solutions

A web site can be as simple or as complex as need be. A small business will generally need a fairly simple website to attract new customers and to establish a presence on the web. Larger businesses require sophisticated server-side business logic and robust databases with interfaces to external software. My PC Therapist can help - no matter how complex your solution.

Front-end development

The front-end of your web site uses code from several sources telling a browser how to render content on a user's screen. My PC Therapist is expert in implementing web presentation using standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I generally employ AJAX technology - even for a simple site - to minimize network traffic and speed up page loading.

Back-end development

More sophisticated systems require the implementation of databases and business logic on the back-end or server-side. My PC Therapist has years of experience implementing databases in Access, SQL Server, and Oracle and developing interfaces in Visual Basic ASP, and C# ASP.Net.


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