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Prior to founding My PC Therapist, I devoted my 30-year career in systems development to exploring new and exciting technologies. With a background in math and actuarial sciences, I designed and developed new mainframe systems for Metropolitan Life, Frank B. Hall, and AIG. In 1981, I joined Datacom Systems where I developed highly technical software used by municipal governments throughout the country. Due in part the the success of these systems, Datacom was purchased by Lockeed (later Lockheed Martin) where I continued my 17-year service as Director of Research & Development. In 1998, I joined the dot-com movement and expanded my technical and industrial knowledge developing one of the first electronic payment processing systems, robust medical system interfaces (HL7), social networking solutions for caregivers, and rich content management systems for the news industry.

Web Sites

If you run a small business, a web site is no longer an option. Gone are the days when people turn to the Yellow Pages in search of a product or service. Today, it's all about the internet. Not having a web site can be detrimental to your business.

Desktop applications

Desktop software keeps getting better and the internet offers fantastic low-cost solutions to common business problems. But there's still a niche in developing custom software to integrate existing functionality or to address specific business needs.


Database design is key in creating robust desktop and internet applications. My PC Therapist has over 20 years in data analysis and database implementation.