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I'm BIG on security

My PC Therapist wants you to understand some of the dangerous pitfalls you face whenever your PC is connected to the Internet. My PC Setup provides initial protection and my PC Tuneup will fix things when they go wrong. But, ultimately, it's your responsibility to protect yourself from intrusion. My PC Therapist will explain how to do just that.


Besides regular mal-ware checking, system cleanup and defragmentation are a normal part of life with a PC. My PC Therapist will provide all necessary software and instructions and walk you through the maintenance process. Your PC will appreciate the time spent.

Do you have a backup facility?

Sooner or later, it's going to happen - and it won't be pretty. You can protect your precious data - documents, music, photos, etc. by regularly (automatically) backing them up to an external media. How far away that media is depends on how big a disaster you plan on having, of course. A second hard disk, an external USB drive, another PC on your network, or an off-site backup service (2 GB free at Mozy) are all possibilities. My PC Therapist can help you make the right choice and get you set up with hardware and software to protect your valuable data.