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Complete System Tuneup

In the past, My PC Therapist provided separate pricing for each step in the system tuneup process. But no more! I, in good conscience, found it difficult to return a half-fixed PC to a client. So I've bundled all of these services into a single "System Tuneup".

What My PC Therapist does

I first run a number of scans to find and eliminate mal-ware - viruses, spyware, hijackers, rootkits, etc. Then, I prevent any unnecessary system services that hog your system resources from running at startup. I then remove "junk" files from your system and invalid entries from your system registry. I defragment your hard disk to put all of the pieces of your files together. Then I apply all outstanding Microsoft updates to assure you've got the latest security patches. Finally I run extensive tests on your hard disk and memory to assure that they are in good working condition.

What you'll get

Your PC will run like it did when it was brand new. It will be free of mal-ware and it will have the latest Microsoft security patches installed so you can sleep at night. And I'll leave most of my tuneup software installed with instructions on how to use it so you can do it yourself next time.