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Your luck just ran out

Or did it? If your PC won't start, it's not necessarily the end of all of your precious documents, music, and photos. It's more than likely that your hard disk drive is in physically good working order but can't be accessed by Windows. This occurs either due to the failure of other PC hardware components like the power supply or because the data has gotten "scrambled" and makes no sense to Windows.

The good news...

My PC Therapist can usually recover all of your data to another disk, CD, or DVD. In the case of motherboard failure, or if the PC is not worth repairing, you can easily copy the recoverd data to your new PC.

Even better news...

In cases where your hardware is in good operating condition and the problem stems from data becomming "scrambled", My PC Therapist can usually recover not only your data but your entire operating system. Windows will be up and running - just like before.

NOTE: The original cause of data "scrambling" may be the presence of mal-ware which is also "recovered" and requires additional attention.