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Mal-ware removal

Please. Take mal-ware very seriously.

Mal-ware is the generic term used to describe several types of bad software that can get into your PC and wreck havoc. Some mal-ware is annoying - generating pop-up advertising for example - and slowing your PC down. Then, there are those that are very dangerous. Some log your every keystroke so, if you bank online, the bad guys have your ID and password. Others steal your personal data like e-mail addresses. And others can take over your machine and use it to send spam e-mail.

Removal is difficult

There is no single, comprehensive program to identify and remove threatening mal-ware from your PC. My PC Therapist has a vast library of tools at it's disposal to scan - and re-scan - your PC. A typical job takes between five and six hours. The current record is nearly three days.

What you'll get

Your machine will be mal-ware free! No viruses. No spyware. No hijackers. No rootkits. No problems. I'll also remove any unnecessary system services that hog system resources, download and install all Microsoft updates, clean up any junk files and defragment your hard disk, and clear up your system registry. You'll have the happiest PC in town.