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Diagnostics - a first step toward sanity

My PC Therapist takes a holistic approach to patient assessment. A quick look at your PC may indicate the need for treatment. But My PC Therapist looks for external indicators that may affect the overall outcome of treatment. I try to determine how you use your PC - what your expectations are - what you can afford. Only then does it make sence to move forward.

General PC Health

My PC Therapist will run a quick scan of your PC to determine if you've been infected with mal-ware. This is not a comprehensive mal-ware assessment but an indicator that treatment is required.

System Configuration

Unless you're a "techie", your PC will undoubtedly be running a number of unnecessary system services that use memory and bog down your processor. A number of other simple "tweaks" may be in order.

Security and Networking

While we're at it, we'll look at your internet set-up, security settings, and backup facilities and make recommendations that meet your needs.