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It used to run a lot faster, right?

All computers need a tune-up once in a while. There are lots of reasons computers start to slow down: fragmented disk drives, unnecessary active services, viruses, and spy-ware are the obvious culprits. But sometimes hardware and software conflicts will put an otherwise healthy PC into a tailspin. My PC Therapist will get your PC running like new.

Or, maybe, it won't start at all?

Oh, no! All of your e-mail - your pictures and music - your soon-to-be-published novel - your financial database. Gone? While the cause of startup failure is certainly hardware related, experience has shown that, more often than not, the root cause is corrupt device drivers on your hard disk and not the computer hardware. My PC Therapist has had a high level of success in recovering this precious data, repairing the corrupt data structures, and getting your PC up and running again.

Popup windows, fake virus alerts, general "behavioral disorders"

These machines are infected with viruses, spyware, hijackers, or other forms of "mal-ware". If you are at all concerned with your privacy and identity theft, turn off your machine now. Mal-ware is very serious stuff. My PC Therapist will remove the threats, install special software to protect you in the future and show you how to keep your private data private.