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Personal attention...

As a one-man company, you'll deal with me and only me. I'm available 24 X 7 to help you one-on-one. Whether it's at your place or mine (or the local diner), you'll benefit from my undivided personal attention.

Expert service...

I can't do everything - but what I do, I do very well. I'll be perfectly honest in telling you what I can and cannot do. If you're looking for expertise beyond my scope, I'm much happier to refuse a job than to do it poorly. But, you can be assured that work I do is done right.

Guaranteed fixed prices...

Unlike the technicians from the Geek Squad or Firedog, who are in and out of your home in record time, you'll get to know and rely on My PC Therapist as a friend. I'm fair and thorough. All services are fixed-price (no matter how long it takes) and completely guaranteed or you pay nothing.