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About Me

The company...

My PC Therapist, LLC was originally founded in 2006 as a New York single-member LLC by Phil Chadeayne.
In 2012, I moved to Vero Beach, FL and will, again, establish an LLC in Florida.

My Background...

I've been in the systems development business since the 1970's, first in the insurance industry with Met Life, Frank B. Hall, and the now-infamous AIG and later with Lockhed Martin where I served as Director of Research & Development.

I've been an adjunct professor at Rockland Community College where I was able to apply my college training in teaching programming and database technologies.

And, I've designed and implemented high-tech solutions for several small start-up companies in a variety of industries.

And today...

I help individuals and small businesses in Vero Beach with their PC related problems. I've become expert at mal-ware removal - a common problem with no set solution. I've helped small companies better organize their business processes and automate costly manual processing. And I've developed web sites - some simple and some not so simple - to help get a new business (or process) visible on the internet.

What this means to you.

Combine years of practical experience in automating business processes, a flair for teaching, a solid reputation for fairness and a commitment to helping others. The result? A company uniquely positioned to help you with your technology issues.